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I just finished my collection of portable Nintendo consoles! =D

The process of their advancement amazes me.


(before haters can hate, “portable” is the key term. XL’s kind of take away that aspect of on the go gaming)

Happy birthday

  • To you who shaped my world while I was young and taught me that if I fight long enough I don't have to use my last resort.
  • I hope you enjoy that great ball, Mewtwo. Happy birth.
Florida Supercon’s Pokemon cosplayers!
And I have to say… that Jessie and James put us to shame.

Fire Red to Sapphire

I’ve been spoiled so much by the new games and their breeding advantages. I’m getting frustrated that I can’t make eggs or trade from FR to SP… I may just have to man up.
(Action Replay? Never an option.)

Pokemon X and Y

Anyone else looking forward to this more than anything after Soul and Heart?

Starting White 2 today

Oshawott… sigh… I’ve been ruing this day… I choose you… I guess.


Get it while you can!

I keep returning back ti this spot in the game… So far it’s my favorite part.

My collection is complete till the next release!

STEP 1: Prepare my team

STEP 2: Hatch them

Finally! The moment that you’ve all (I’ve been) Looking forward to all year!!!

Dual wielding the DS and gameboy… I go hard

Keldeo Event

For those of us/you who live in North America There will be a GameStop promotion that will be giving away Keldeo!

For you/us who don’t know what that it, kind of looks like this:

Cool, huh? Maybe.

The event it tomorrow (8/27/12) so head to the nearest or dearest gamestop and get it for you Pokemon Black and Whites!!!